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ALMAAS ® Hot-fix is made from carefully selected raw materials which define its character and uniqueness from sizes as little as 1.70 mm (ss6)  in diameter to over just over 10 mm (ss34) in diameter. The sizes are referred to (and ordered) by Stone Size (Ss). e.g. SS20. These flat back stones are manufactured with a special heat sensitive glue on the backing. They have multi faceted front (lots of little smooth flat surfaces shaping the top), and a flat back which has usually has a foil coating applied to help reflect the light and sparkle. They're often referred to as "flat back rhinestones" and can be attached with either glue, heat or a metal setting (tiffany, rim mount or sew on) without making the base fabric crinkle.

When this glue is heated it melts into the fabric and forms an excellent bond that can not only be washed, but also dry-cleaned. This is an important added advantage if garments are to be sold commercially and it also opens up the range of specialized fabrics that previously, because of the cleaning methods required, could only be decorated with sewn or clamped stones.

We are proud to announce that we are now OEKO TEX Certified and are an eco friendly product with  LEAD FREE contents in our Hot Fix Crystals .

With ALMAAS hot fix stones you can create your own designs or add extra stones to ready made transfers, the possibilities are endless. These Hot fix stones can be applied with a household iron or a heat press, and specialized tools which pick up the stones as well as heating them are now available. One of the most successful and economical tool is the ALMAAS Applicator Wand ... be sure to check it out in the Tools Category .

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DMC World Stone  

A very popular Machine Cut Stone   - originating from South Korea with a High Index of Refraction .

The best asian manufactured Machine Cut Stone ... ranked almost 3rd most popular brand of Hot Fix Rhinestons in the world .

DMC Plus  

Produces a wide range of Machine Cut Hot Fix Stones

Kristal MC  

A Need of the Hour !!!

With the on going economic crisis ... KRISTALL MC is the most economical Machine Cut Stone in the market. Without compromising extensively on quality , the prices of this product are designed to be extremely reasonable .

Why should economic crisis affect your passion for fashion ?

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Lami Laces  

LAMI Laces :

It's been 60 years of dedication to the fine craft of weaving lace & trims. The founder thought of his business as that of weaving tender dreams. He painstakingly wove the most delicate & exquisite borders (trims) on handlooms & proudly made his presence felt through innovative concepts, designs, colours & textures.

In it's early stage Lami started with first handlooms & came up with a unique range of trimmings which were never seen before.

Keeping pace with modernisation has brought Lami to terms with first power-looms & today’s sophisticated computerization, where finer techniques of weaving are skillfully channeled to perfection.
Lami's in-house creation-centre for designs is supported by efficient & personalized marketing attention
& impeccable quality control.

Applying different techniques through years of experience we now have around 5000 and above different designs. We hold huge stocks to enable us to process orders quickly. We also can design & produce a customised range of trimmings just for you based on our several generations of know-how & experience.

Variety of Designs & Sizes

The Trimmings are made from variety of dyed yarns in viscose, cotton, jari, metallic yarns & blended yarns.
Ribbons & Trimmings from LAMI varies in width from 1/8 of an inch to 10 inches. It includes various designs & colour ways to choose from.

Applications of 'LAMI' Trimmings

Ribbons & Trimmings can be put to a variety of imaginative application as hi-fashion trimmings. Today it's a by-word in

Hi-fashion garments





Hand Bags

Foot Wear

Bed Spreads

Pillow Cases

House hold Linen


Gift packaging ribbons

Creative and Decorative uses

Even on Men’s wear


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Lian specializes in manufacturing of crystal rhinestones. Base on the strong belief and commitments in achieving superior customers’ satisfaction, Lian has become a globally known renowned supplier of first quality crystal rhinestones.

With a work forces of over 5,000 skilled employees , Lian possess professional and integrated teams covering the areas of production , research and development with the help of which Lian has achieved new heights in crystal rhinestones manufacturing.

We carry Lian ‘s complete range of rhinestones products such as chatons, chatonrose,stones in settings, rhinestone trims and accessories for garment and fashion industry. Products with latest and new design, colours and finishing are offered to satisfy the fast changing market requirements.


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One Two Rose  

Popularly called One2Rose








  Preciosa – The Masters of Crystal


 Preciosa is a world leading producer of cut crystal, specializing mainly in the production of machine cut chatons, beads and other fashion jewelry components of top quality and in a broad variety of shapes, colors and sizes. In addition to fashion jewellery components Preciosa also offers chandeliers, fashion jewelry stones of cubic zirconia, exclusive fashion jewellery, crystal figurines and gifts items .

Machine Cut fashion jewellery stones made of crystal belong to Preciosa’s prominent commodities

Fashion Jewellery Stones
Machine cut and polished chatons are the primary components needed for the production of strass fashion jewelry. They are complemented with a large number of other stones of various shapes and are available in a wide variety of colors and decorations.

Flat-back Stones
Chaton roses, FB rivoli, and FB squares are either glued or hot-fixed onto a base material by means of a special sticking layer. Stones with holes (loch-roses) can be sewn on textiles.

Beads & Pendants
Round as well as fancy beads, rondells and spacers are indispensable for stringed fashion jewelry. Beads can also be joined by means of special metal needles (kettled) and sewn on textile.

Although huge trimmings, drops, almonds and other large stones were originally meant for chandelier production, they are also used in fashion jewelry.

Fashion Jewellery Appliqué
Chains and bandings of chatons, chaton roses and other stones, stones in settings, chaton spacers, balls, etc. make many fashion jewelry makers’ job much easier.


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Premium Fashion Accessories  
Premium MC  

Under its new campaign “DIVINE REVELATIONS” this brand is setting new standards in Machine Cut Hot Fix Stone Range of products . Be Sure to check out the latest in Colors and Cuts from this Dynamic Product.


Simplicity at its best . These regular 2 Cut Hot Fix Stones from Korea are still the choice for the common man with creative ideas and budgeted pockets . Check out the range for the most Economical Hot Fix Stone in the region .

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XL Rose  
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